Here at Young and Ratchet, we have decided it would be better on everyone if it were an open car community. This means that you won't be put down, and you won't put others down, if your's or another member's car is a domestic, import, drag, stanced, etc. We understand that someone's car is their passion when it comes to this, and while we all have opinions, we've all seen that some people in the car community don't know how to voice it correctly and often just trash another style. That is not the goal here and we strive to create an all accepting community full of people with intrests from the entire spectrum.


Who doesn't like following a good car build? If you have one, email us and let us know. Update us as you make progress because we love seeing it. We'll do our best to spread the word on it as well! Alternatively, have a car that's already done? Show us anyway! We love anything with an engine here.